Friday, June 08, 2007

Sign on

The news that we're getting all of our main players tied down to new contracts is very satisfying. Carra and Stevie signed last week, while Pepe and Xabi both signed extensions this week. It's heartening in so far as there was a lot of speculation that Xabi might leave for one of Barca/Real. It's clear that the management want the core of the team all tied down to long term deals so that we can build from a stable and reliable base.

Fordies has an good post on Rafa and Parry. I don't know who this guy is or if he's reliable but it always makes for interesting reading.

Ribery going to Bayern Munchen for £17m is potentially good news. It means that Marseille should have enough money to play for Cisse now. I think that the fee originly agreed was around £8.5m but Diouf at Marseille won't pay that much. I hope that we can get something approaching it. There was also some talk that Bolton are interested but I'd be surprised if that happens.

The Malouda deal is still kicking about. It seems that we now have competition from Chelsea and Arsenal. I don't know if Arsenal can compete financially but they do have the Wenger factor which make a difference with French players.

Eto'o looks to be staying at Barca, from his recent comments. Milan and us are interested but if he wants to stay there, then it's unlikely to happen.

Is Thierry saying "get Rafa to sign me, Stevie"? For those who've been pinning their hopes on a thunderbolt signing from Arsenal, think again. This rumour has been knocking around the forums for around six months and it's still rubbish as far as I'm concerned. As I've said before, I've no inside track but it's an illogical deal. Why would Arsenal sell Henry, their best player, to a rival, weakening themselves and strengthening the rival? I wouldn't be surprised if he does leave the Emirates but I don't think it'll be for Anfield. There's more chance of me being recruited by the Pussy Cat Dolls than there is of Thierry bring his Va Va Voom to L4.