Wednesday, November 08, 2006


In Istanbul, we won it five times.

Welcome to my blog. I'll be covering all things to do with Liverpool FC from an Irish viewpoint. Feel free to post a comment and let me know what you think.

The Birmingham match tonight should be reasonably straight forward. A repeat of last seasons 7-0 would be nice but as long as it's a win with no injuries, I'll be happy. It's a good oppertunity for Jermaine Pennant to put on a display against his former club. We might see some of the youngsters such as Guthrie and Peltier get a run out.

The match tonight is a great chance for LFC to put together some away form. We'll need to improve dramaticly on our previous away performances this season when we go to the Emirates on Sunday. I've been pleasently surprised by their recent dip in form. We've had terrible results there over the past few years. They do tend to give us lots of problems. Sami Hyypia has been in good form over the past 3-4 games but I think that Agger might be a better option against Arsenal. His pace and skill on the ball might be more usefull against the lightning quick Arsenal forwards. Plus they tend not to be as much of a threat in the air so we may not need Sami's aeriel prowess.

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Thomas said...

How're ye Mal.

I see that Gabriel Paletta is playing this evening I've heard good things but seeing as he's yet to get a run out in the Premiership I can't really judge. Have you seen much of him? I fancy Liverpool to give the Brum a good thrashing but I would have said that about United last night too.

Good to see Robbie get the armband for the evening.

Katherine said...

Hello, I like your blog, do you have a girlfriend?

Mal O'Brien said...

Yes I do Katherine.
Last night was the first time that I saw Paletta for 90 mins. Before that I had only seen bits and pieces of him from pre season. Ferocious tackler and he's not afriad to put himself about. He had a good match and I'll be posting a new blog entry on the game later on today.

Anonymous said...

I must point to where you wrote you hoped we remain injury free. It was a worst nightmare scenario that happening to momo.