Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Porto prevail

Sometimes you play well and lose. Sometimes you play badly and win. Sometimes you play well and the ref robs you, like what happened against Chelsea. Sometimes you play shit and get away with a draw. That's what happened in the Dragao on Tuesday when we drew 1-1. It was a fairly poor game and we didn't play well at all. It was one of those nights where nobody had a particularly good game. They started off like a rocket and scored with the eight minutes. We were suffering from shell shock but we did manage to get our act together somewhat as the half went on. Sami flicked on a Finnan cross and Dirk Kuyt was there to score from close range. It was an important goal at an imporant time.

In the second half Pennant got riled up, not for the first time. He was sent off for an idiotic tackle on Fucile. Porto players went down easy enough but there is no accounting for Pennants stupidity. It was a needless tackle and put extra pressure on the team. I doubt that Rafa was too impressed with that. We improved defensively after that and won a hard fought point.

But while a point away was a good result, the bad news that Xabi and Dagger are injured arrived today. While we have enough cover in central midfield, we could be a bit short at the back. Sami is short of pace but he'll do his best over the next four to six weeks. Sami isn't as accomplished a passer and tends to hoof the ball out of defence more. This has a knock on effect on our play which we'll have to try and minimise. We might even see Arbeloa play a few games there. Jack Hobbs might come into contention for the easier games. IT's going to be tough but we should be able to get through. We face Everton away on Oct 20th and then Arsenal at home a week later. I hope that we have them back at that stage but that would mean some quick healing is required.

Bring on Brum. Handy home win required.


JJ said...

Three points on Saturday will be a good tonic alright, in fact anything less would be a sackable offence at this stage. It was very poor on Wednesday and what is more disappointing is that, on paper, Mash and Gerrard should be a perfect combination. But then the latter decided it was time for a greatest hits show and pinged every ball he got sixty yards away to absolutely nobody.

Agger will be a huge loss as both carragher and hyppia hark back to the houllier days and hoof when under pressure. Though at least Hyppia will give Cisse a kicking in a few weeks. Worth watching I think you’ll agree.

Mal said...

Gerrard was poor on Tuesday but so were all of the rest of them. Not many of them came out of it with much credit.

I'm worried that the injury to Agger, the failure to buy Heinze as cover is going to cost us a lot. I can see us dropping points as a result of lack of pace at the back and poor passing out of defence. Agger is crucial to the way we play.

JJ said...

I stand by the sackable offence comment.