Sunday, May 11, 2008

Spurs suffer

And so another season draws to a close. A 2-0 win away from home has to be taken in the context of the fact that neither team had anything to play for. Voronin got a rare goal. Torres scored again to make it 24 goals in the league. Other than that there wasn't too much to mention. It was good to see Insua make another start. I'm hoping that he is going to get a go next season what with Riise heading off in the summer.

Torres goal haul deserves some praise. In scoring 24 league goals in his debut season, he's surpassed the previous record held by none other than Ruud Van Nistelroy. Let's hope that he can improve on it next season. You can see all 33 of his goals scored in all competitions here. Torres says that the fans and the players have helped him to adapt to life in England. The Echo confirms what we already knew, that the Chelsea bid is bullshit. Never believe a story that originates in Marca.

Sammy Lee is in talks to take over as Assistant Manager.

Gerrard wants a title challenge. He's not alone there.

Lawro thinks that it's about time that we sorted out the ownership saga. It's not often that I agree with him but I'm going to change the habit of a lifetime here.

I'm going to do a season review post sometime soon but I won't be doing many post for the next while. If there are major transfers then I'll have a look then but I'm going to try and avoid doing the transfer roundups every five minutes.

Enjoy the good weather.


Katherine said...

Yeah transfer rumours are crap. Just wait till the end when the transfers are done.

JJ said...

Good job this season chief, pity there's not a final to write about but alas.

Mal said...

Thanks JJ, I'm trying to keep up with you guys who've done a great job. A final would have been great alright, hopefully next season. I wrote this post about a week ago but forgot to publish it. Getting forgetful in my old age.

JJ said...

Forgot to thank you chief - Over The Top with sly stallone, ya pulled that one out of the bag. Great spot. Awful film, but great spot.

Mal said...

I've never actually seen it JJ, I just remember the poster. Why would you make a film about arm wrestling?

Thomas Kelly said...

Mal, I read this morning that Liverpool had a bid rejected for Albert Riera at Espanyol. He's quite good, he had a fantastic season last time out, when they made their run to the UEFA Cup final, but I don't know if he's much of a step up from who Liverpool have already, Babel and Benayoun (though he's much better than Pennant) What do you reckon? Will Rafa be looking to play 4-3-3 next season with Torres flanked by two out-and-out wingers? Who else are you likely to bring in? Oh, is there any chance of Anthony Le Tallec coming back? He did quite well this season at Le Mans.

Mal said...

No chance of Le Tallec return. He's out of contract as far as I know.

I would expect us to play the same formation again next year. Pennant looks to be on the way out so maybe Riera is a trade up on that front.