Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Robbie keen on Reds

He's always been a red but now it's official. Rafa's signed a premiership star who's going to drive us crazy with his goals and passes and Eto'o promised to do years ago.. He wants the premiership. As Captain Picard would say, "make it so".
Love at first sight.

The BBC website has a video of his press conference. The money quote from Robbie's unveiling:
"My whole family are Liverpool fans. I remember every Christmas asking for jerseys and tracksuits – it's great now that I get the tracksuits for free!"
Good to see he's remaining true to his roots, although, there's no accounting for taste. Chris De Burgh? Jaysus.

Check out some of Keane's goals here, here, here and here.

Here's what Lawro said about Torres last summer. Now he seems unimpressed wiht the Keane signing. Hopefully he'll be equally wrong this time around. Personally I'm very excited about the signing. I think his record shows us that he almost guarantees you around 15 league goals per season. It's interesting to note that he gets as many goals away as at home, as we saw at Anfield last season. I think he'll be another match winner to add to Torres, Gerrard and hopefully Babel if he continues to improve. This added goals and attacking threat should help us to win matches we drew last year.

I listened to some of the Hertha Berlin 0-0 draw on the e-season ticket. The only real incident of note seems to be the Voronin penalty miss. You can read the Liverpool Echo report here.

Rafa continues to hoover up Spanish teens like there's no tomorrow. The latest addition is Emmanuel Mendy, an 18 year old right/left back who'll go straight in the reserves.

Here's an interesting Rawk article on our defence. He thinks it'll be Agger and Skrtel and I'm inclined to agree, but I'm sure Carra will get his fair share of games. He's still the best organiser and leader in the defense.

The Ngog deal was completed for £1.5m as he only had a season left on his contract. Rafa says that he'll make a contribution to the first team. I expect him to get games in the Babel and Kuyt positions last season.

The Guardian have reprinted an old interview with Bill Shankly. Fantastic stuff.

The official site had an interview with Rafa's chief scout, Eduardo Macia. Keep up the good work.

Olympiakos officials laud Liverpool loanee Leto land, as a cheap tabloid might say. So Seb is Athens bound for the year. It seems that passport problems are limiting his chances with us for now. I hope he gets some experience in Greece. He's a hard one to figure out. He clearly has talent but the end product is missing at the moment.


JJ said...

howaya chief, blog back today and pod back this evening at ODF. Heading to mark's place for booze and banter before releasing it on the internets.

The Barry business is really, really, really dragging on isn't it. I think villa are being morons, he'll only be worth 11 million, maybe less next year. Fools, it's paddy vieira all over again only this time it's woody allen not professor wenger making the mistake.

Mal said...

Think you're right on Barry JJ. He'll be worth a lot less next summer and will be pissed off with O'Neil for making him stay. Rumour has it he could buy himself out next year for a few million compensation. Villa will have lost a fortune if that happens.

Looking forward to the new ODF podcast.

Thomas Kelly said...

Mal, re: all the youngsters that Liverpool have signed under Rafa, who's the last top level graduate from the Academy? Stephen Warnock maybe? Otherwise I'm thinking back to Gerrard, Carra and Michael Owen.

What's going on there? Surely being Liverpool they can attract some of the best youngsters in the country. I know you could ask this question of Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal too.

I completely agree with you on the Barry saga. Why don't Villa just sell him? He's not worth anything like 18 million and he wants to leave.

Hope Robbie does well, he's a great addition.

Mal said...

Warnock was the last one to get a regular game for lfc. The likes of Gurhrie and Carson were sold for a large profit after failing to make an impact here. I do expect some of the youngsters like Nemeth, Insua and possibly Derby to make an impact this year. Pacheco is a bit younger and will probably have to wait for a year.

I don't know why Villa haven't sold him by now. Sure he's costing them lots of cash in wages every week.

I too hope Robbie does well Thomas.