Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sucker punched

Most days I love football. But today I am disgusted with it. I hate Utd and the only thing that I hate more then them is being beaten by them. To concede a last minute goal to them after dominating the match is about as bad as it gets. And to top it all off, John O'Shea is a boyhood red.

Not for the first, and probably not for the last time this season, profligacy in front of goal has cost us dearly. It's no good dominating against a team if you can't convert your dominance into chances. But we don't seem capable of learning this lesson. We had Utd on the rack for most of the game but didn't put them away. We restricted them to one shot on target all match, John O'Sheas. Crap. "It was a fantastic result," said Fergie. "We had a lot of narrow escapes and Liverpool upset our rhythm. They will feel very unlucky and they deserve to." But I have to grudgingly say fairplay to them for sticking with it and keeping the faith for 90 mins. It reminded me to when we played them off the park last season only for Rio to score from a set piece with around 5 minutes to go. I get really annoyed when we concede late goals.

Utd will win the league now and I feel they deserve it. They've been the most consistent team. They have been very lucky with injures and haven't been playing well over the last few games against us, Lille and Fulham. But critically they've managed to win all three games that they deserved to lose. When you see that happen it's hard to see the league title going anywhere other than old toilet.

It's time to clear the heads in preparation for Barca's visit on Tuesday. I expect the atmosphere to be incredible and I'm very envious of those going to the match, like Sergi. As I've said before, this tie isn't over by any means. FCB on form are well capable of scoring two away goals. If we can score the first goal then I think that it will be over. I expect Momo to have another legendary game as he did in Camp Nou. He wasn't up to his usual standards on Sat but I think he'll be better against the Barca midfield. Bellamy had a great game in the first leg and his pace and aggression seemed to unsettle the Barca defence. More of the same on Tue Craig. Think of your club, not your golf clubs. You can expect to hear many more poor puns if he scores a goal.

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Anonymous said...

O'Shea .....Godlike.....Domination.....Monster Kill, for he is the "HERO of ANFIELD", for we are not worthy, bow your head before the might of the boy.....