Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bremen and Auxerre

Since my last post, we've gone to the Switzerland and won two friendlies. As a wise man once said, in Switzerland, they had brotherly love, they had five hundred years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock. He mustn't have heard about Milka chocolate.

First up was a 3-2 victory over Werder Bremen. Veronin had an impressive match and scored two goals. He looks like a strong runner who has good vision and will link the play well. Even though he is likely to be fourth choice, he's already a fans favourite and will probably develop into an impact sub. Riise added the other goal from a rocket of a free. Torres got a few minutes at the end of the match.

Auxerre were beaten 2-0 on Fri afternoon. Gerrard scored his first of the season and Dagger got the second when a free was floated into the far post. I only saw highlights of this match but it doesn't sound like it was anything to write home about.

Steve Finnan signed a new deal this week. Great news for him and for us as it means that well have our "Mr. Dependable" for the rest of his career.

There's a good Torres post on this blog. Well worth a read.

The BBC have an article on the Heinze situation. I hope that it gets sorted one way or another shortly. There's little point in dragging it to the courts if it's not going to be resolved before the transfer window closes.

If you're feeling nostalgic and of a certain age then you might enjoy a look at this Dalglish and Rush compilation. It was featured in the guardian during the week. Some amazing goals there from arguably the greatest partnership in English football.

Here's more of the same. Peter 'The Great' Beardsley was my favourite player when I was a young fella. I had Peter Beardsly shin guards. Unfortunately, they didn't make me play like him and I was still crap.

Some of the online rumour mongers reckon that we have our eye on Samir Nasri at Marseille. There is some specualtion that we have secured an option on him for next summer as part of the Cisse deal. I don't have a clue whether there's anything in this or not but it's worth bearing in mind for a years time.

South China FC are our lunchtime opponents tomorrow. I can't tell you anything about them. Our far eastern tour has begun in earnest. I always wonder about the value to the team of these tours but I suppose it's about raising the profile, expanding into new markets and blah blah blah. As you can see, I didn't apply for the job of commercial director.


JJ said...

Howaya chief, can't seem to find those nasri rumours anywhere online - where did you see them? Looks a nifty little player, though his shooting could improve to put it mildly. I like the way the pool are hoovering up talent across europe. Very promising for the next few years.

Another question - where did that "cuckoo clock" quote come from? It's ringing a bell and considering I'm a know-all prick it's tearing me up inside that I don't know who said it!

Mal said...

The Nasri rumours were on a couple of forums and might have been mentioned in the french media. Nothing to stake your reputation on, just worth keeping an eye out for next year.

The quote comes from a certain O Welles in the screen adaptation of "The third man".

JJ said...

Ah for feck sake I should've known that. Great movie too. But on to more serious matters, while I think heinze is a decent player I'm beginning to think talks of lawyers etc is a bit much for a 29 year-old that will cost the guts of 7 million.

I'd say they're better off out of that and looking elsewhere. Even though it might be a nice little mini-victory over Scumchester before the season even begins.

Mal said...

One of my favourite films of all time.

I can see the Heinze thing dragging on in the courts and going nowhere. It's always nice to see Slur Exlax get annoyed, especially when we're causing the annoyance, but I think we'd be better off going for Chiellini at Juve. He's much younger and looks to be for sale after rowing with Ranieri.