Monday, October 29, 2007

Honours even

Well well well. What a great game of football? In terms of the result, it could have been better but it could have been a lot worse. It wasn't the beating that many pundits had predicted we'd received. We led for most of the match and created a few good chances. But despite that, Arsenal were great at times and a draw was probably a fair result overall.

On the upside, Gerrard had another decent game following his display against Besiktas. Hopefully he can continue it over the next few games, god knows we're going to need him. He took his goal well and really hit the shot with some venom. His chance at the end was close and I think that he would have scored if Toure hadn't of blocked his shot.

The defence also performed well and seems to have bucked up a bit. Carra was back to his imperious best. He was throwing his body in front of the tackles and making vital interceptions. We still need Agger back as soon as possible but Jamie regaining his form should help to bridge that gap.

On the downside Torres and Xabi had to come off. This is really bad news. We're missing the spine of our team and it now seems like they'll be out for the next few weeks again. There doesn't seem to be a definite date on their returns yet but it sounds like it'll be three weeks at a minimum before Torres is ready as he has an abductor muscle injury. While it was a good match and we played well, we were at home and if we want to challenge we need to be winning these games at home.

The Carling Cup Cardiff match on Wednesday seems like a sideshow after yesterday. It'll be great to see Robbie back at Anfield if he plays for them. But I would imagine that we might see some of the younger players get a run out. Blackburn away on Sat will me a much tougher challenge I would imagine.

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Stubbins said...

Hi Mal.

I've just discovered your blog and I'm really delighted with it. We are a LFC Supporters group of Barcelona (Catalunya) and I'm very glad to introduce to you our blog dedicated to Liverpool FC.

It's in catalan, but there's a translator to spanish and english in it. But maybe the translation isn't good enough.

About the yesterday's game.

I think we played as we could in front of the better team actually. We displayed a great courage, bravery and we've never surrender against te better quality of the gunners. When the lads let all their forces in the pitch, it's to be proud with them. We still unbeaten yet.

Unfortunately, the injuries of Torres and Xabi for a few weeks, don't will help the team to rise in the future weeks. But I'm optimistic with the lads and the Rafa's work. We can work it out!!

I link you in our blog. I hope you do the same with us. Pleased to meet you, Mal. Greetings from Barcelona for all the irish redmen.

Walk On!

P.S.(1): I'm surprised with your link to "Catalans a Dublin"
P.S.(2): I'm sorry for my bad english. I must to improve.

Mal said...

Hi Stubbins. Thanks for your comment. I've attached a link to Barcelona Reds. It's always good to hear that we have fans around the world.

I'm a big fan of your city and your football club. I've been to camp nou twice.

Catalans a Dublin is run by a Catalan friend of mine called Sergi who used to work in Dublin. He's back in BCN now.