Saturday, October 06, 2007

Spurs stalemate

Sometimes a draw feels like a win and sometimes a draw feels like a loss. I don't know what this feels like. We played quite well in the first half and should have been out of sight at half time. Then we let them get one either side of half time and we only salvaged a point in injury time with a goal from Torres. It was great to get a draw rather than a loss but we really should have won at home against a team in the relegation zone.

What was surprising here was the manner in which we conceded the goals. Berbatov beat Sami and then Carra to high balls from the back. Robbie Keane managed to evade the other defenders and latch onto the flick on. His finishes were good but we shouldn't have gotten the time and space to get a shot off. It was very uncharacteristic of our defence but it was only the first 2 goals that we're conceded from open play. I reckon we'll improve at the back when Dagger returns.

We were quite good going forward and could have had a couple of goals. Voronin did well to put in a rebound for the first goal. He had a good match and linked well with Fernando and the midfield. Gerrard had a few shots and was unlucky to hit the post. If we had taken one or two more of these then the game would have been over.

After another boring international break, we have the Derby at Goodison. This is usually a tough match for us but it's going to be even harder as we're in poor form. They were beaten 3-2 by the Toon at the weekend which is good news. The Echo reports today that we might have some good injury news in the form of Alonso and Agger coming back. Xabi is the more likely one to be fit for the derby. We could do with both of them, badly.

Here are two interesting articles on our current form from the UK broadsheets, the Times and the Guardian. I don't agree with all of them but they make for interesting reading nonetheless. have a great interview with Marcus Babel. He was a wonderful player at right back when we won the treble in 2001. It's such a pity that he became ill and never really recovered his previous form. It's good to hear that he's doing well as Stuttgart assistant manager now. Good luck to him. has linked Jeremy Menez of Monaco to us. I don't know too much about him but he's only 20 and is a promising attacking midfielder. A good dribbler who can play on the wings or through the middle by all accounts.

I was watching Red Dwarf yesterday and while I was looking at Holly the ships computer, I was thinking that he reminds me of somebody. Then it came to me. Separated at birth?


Katherine said...

Ahhh I do see the similarity when you put them side by side.

Mal said...

I know. It's uncanny.

Anonymous said...

Not for me, mal. No similarities I'm afraid. Good article though..

JJ said...

Not sure about the physical similarities but the lack of emotion certainly matches up. Great show Red Dwarf - well the first six series anyway.

As for Pool... thank christ danny agger (definitely) and xabi (hopefully) are back to face everton. Win that and they'll be back on track.

Mal said...

Dagger and Xabi back will make a huge difference, I reckon. Hope that they're ready for Sat week. We'll need them in the pit.

Eoin said...

I thought Pool were pretty rubbish vs Spurs and lucky to be only one behind and have the chance to get the draw (which looked inevitable for the last 5 minutes)
Anyway, it's probably bad news for Everton as I expect some sort of backlash.