Monday, December 10, 2007

Kenny and the Kid

Kop idols.

Well we don't like going it the easy way, do we? 1 point after 3 matches to leave us looking at expulsion from the champions league, or a fate worse than expulsion - the UEFA cup. But we invoked The Spirit of Istanbul™, and we pulled 3 wins out of the bag with our backs to the wall. Second in the group with 10 points after Porto. It'll be a tough draw against one of the winners on Friday but it's a hell of a lot better than facing the refuse in the UEFA cup. El Nino wants Madrid. He'd be fired up for that one alright.

4-0. Only 4-0? Sack Rafa. That should have been 20-0, at least. According to the pundits, Marseille were a good team, much improved under the new manager, until we beat them. Just like our other champions league opponents. Funny, that. I know that I shouldn't rise to the bait of idiots spouting crap for a living but I can't resist sometimes. All of the rotation comments get very tiresome very quickly especially when the evidence shows that Fergie and Jose rotate as much as Rafa. The zonal marking debate is also a red herring. We have the second best defence in the league, had the second best last season and we concede less goals from set pieces than other teams do. But don't let the facts get in the way of a media lynching. Tim Sherwood, the twat on Setanta, said that Liverpool's season would be over if we lost to Marseille. Apparently we're out of the title race because we've lost one match this season to Reading. Are Arsenal out of it as they lost to Boro? Are Utd out of it as they've lost twice to City and Bolton? I don't know how fools like Sherwood get paid to talk crap on tv. Surely knowledge and intelligence are not job requirements. Rant over.

But back to the match itself. It was a great result but not the best match that we've played this season. Rafa paid a pretty attaching line up with Monster Masch the only defensive player outside of the back four. The team worked really hard and pressurised Marseille who had most of the possession. They couldn't do anything with it and we made our chances count. Gerrard got an early peno to take the pressure off after a few mins. Then Torres displayed his genius with a goal of amazing beauty. It was phenomenal. I don't think that I'm exagerating when I say that he's looking like the best striker in the premiership. I wouldn't swap him for any of the other ones. Some people said that he was over rated when he signed him but £20m is looking like the steal of the century now. The ease at which he went around the Marseille defenders was magical. The kid is a genius.

Dirk Kuyt scored with a nice finish in the second half. Harry did well to pick him out with a great ball and he escaped the offside trap with some good timing. He showed a good strikers finish to wait until the keeper commited himself. Babel came on and did his usual thing of tormenting a tired defense. Again it paid off and he helped himself to the final goal. Nice one my son. In winning we became the first English team to win in Marseille.

Cara reckons a victory over Utd will be worth more than 3 points. Technicly he's wrong. We will only get three points. But I get what he's saying, we haven't beaten them in the league in a few years and it'll be a huge result if we can do them. The last few games at Anfield have seen us dominate but lose to flukey goals by pricks like Ferdinand and O'Shea. That's a bit unfair as O'Shea isn't a prick but he does play for Utd so he's guilty by association. I will be sick if one of them scores an undeserved winner on Sunday. I predict a score draw. No doubt Tim Sherwood and Andy Grey will be saying sack Rafa if we lose. Tools.

The Times had a great article this week where they got Kenny and the kid together. Brilliant idea. Two reds, one a legend, the other well on his way, in one room. Congrats to Messrs Ballague and Marcotti.

Who's going to be pissed off on Sunday evening? I think that both teams will as a draw isn't great for either team. I hope that I'm wrong, we win and Fergie's face goes purple.


JJ said...

Well said about the TV muppets; to be honest I get the impression that a lot of them watch less football than the average fan. Eamo on RTE watches the Spanish league every two or three weeks and seems to think Sevilla are a 'great' side for instance.

Apparently he hasn't watched the 8 games they've lost this season, 8 out of 15 and in ninth place, yet they're supposedly a decent team.

His continued apathy towards Real Madrid is baffling and two years out of step too. They're four points ahead in la liga and are defending champions. I'd love if there was more footage of seventies football out there as apparently no passes were missed, everyone played beautiful football and there wasn't a hoofer within fifty yards of any decent side in europe. Sherwood is just a tit, whereas Eamo is losing the run of himself and it's a shame to see.

Mal said...

Eamo always makes a point of saying that he watches spanish football alright. I think that he's turning into a spoofer JJ.

Did you hear Eamo saying that Rafa's buys have been rubbish on Tuesday? What a load of bollocks? Any buys that he's spent decent money on have turned out well e.g. Alonso, Reina, Torres, Crouch etc. Most of the cheap ones left for a profit or are worth more now if they are still with us. The bad buys like Pelegrino (free) and Morientes (£6.5m) are very rare. Even the likes or Josemi and Kroncamp left for small profits. Rafa's transfer record stands up to scrutiny with any of the other managers.