Sunday, December 09, 2007

Royal rumble

Whoops. That was a bit of a slip up. I have to say that I was quite confident going into this one and was expecting it to be a handy 3 points. A 3-1 defeat wasn't in the script.

It would be easy to moan about the ref giving a peno for a foul outside the box, not giving us any for our two penalty claims and the fact that we hit the post twice. It could have been different. But I think Reading played well and a draw would have been a fair result. We've played a lot better recently but on Saturday we didn't deserve to win. Nice goal by Stevie though.

The fact that both Utd and Arsenal have lost matches in the last week make this loss slightly easier to handle. Next weekend sees Utd visit Anfield and Arsenal play Chelsea. Que rubbish from Sky telling us that whoever loses these "title deciders" will be out of the race. Showdown/Grandslam/Ragnarock Sunday will be worth looking at.

Luckily, we only have to wait until tomorrow night for a chance to get our shit together. The Marseille match was huge but is even bigger now. A draw will be enough for Marseille but we need to win unless Besiktas beat Porto away, which isn't going to happen. I expect us to go for it from the off. If we lose it the calls for Rafa's head will surface again. Gillett should be at the match which is good to hear. Keep an eye on Nasri if he plays as we've been linked with him a few times.

Talk on Wednesday.


JJ said...

Playing Crouchigol on the flanks really was an odd decision on saturday but momo was the real concern.

Not only was his technique terrible as per but at times I thought it looked like he didn't care. He reminds of whenever you watch Gerrard play for England, a player who is just not happy on the field and wants the game to end as soon as possible.

Mal said...

I think that it's time to get rid of Momo. He's been muck this year. Now that we have Mascherano, we don't really need him anyway.

JJ said...

Indeed, the emergence of Lucas makes him even less important. Could still head to Juve in January to raise some Masch cash.