Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Toffees get the blues

Well it wasn't a classic, unlike this derby a few years back. Jocky Hansen was impressed with our performance and disappointed with Everton. I thought they didn't create anything of note. Even though we didn't improve on our one goal lead, it proved enough as Everton were at nothing. So no chance of a trip to the grand national from Moyes for them so.

I thought that Sami and "Slovak hero Martin Skrtel" were superb at the back and coped well with Yakubu or "the Yak" as a cringe inducing Andy Grey kept calling him. Lucas came in for the suspended Masch and did alright. He hit some nice passes and linked play well but gave it a away a few times and was also caught in possession and out muscled at time. He definitely needs a weights programme this summer to beef himself up. Torres was a threat as always. Gerrard supported him well and the two of them gave Everton no end of problems.

Stevie thinks that we should have scored more. Rafa wasn't happy with the abuse that he got from the bitters. It was great to see him answer them with a great performance and he was unlucky to see a first half shot from distance come back off the post with Howard beaten all ends up.

It turns out that moany Moyes is a Torres fan and who would blame him? He said: "It was like playing against two men at times in the first half because of the way he occupied our centre-halves." Moyes was saying that he loves the Derbies beforehand. I wonder if he feels the same way now? 6 points from the two matches for us this season.

So now it's time for the Arsenal tripple bill. We'll be sick of the sight of them by the end of next week after this. If I had to predict the outcomes I would say that we'll get through in the champions league but they'll beat us in the league. In the other matches I fully expect Barcelona, Chelsea and Utd to go through.

The news that Sami is likely to sign a new deal comes as a relief. While there's no doubt that we've badly missed Dagger this season, Sami has stepped in and performed much better than I had expected him to.

George Gillett did a radio interview in Canada which was covered by the Liverpool Echo. You can listen to it here.

Ballague in the Times has an interview with his mate Rafa. Worth a read. And this blog about Raf's spending breaks down his transfers in and out. Not as much spent as some might think.

Rafa says that the summer's transfer business has already begun. He's got agreements for two young players and a senior player who will go into the starting XI. The Mail on Sunday speculate that the senior player is Rafinha from Shalke. He'd be a great signing in my view. We've also been linked with a young Croat midfielder called Rakitic at the same club.


Thomas Kelly said...

I didn't see the derby, only heard the second half on the radio on the way back from Howth. Sounded like a fairly ordinary game. Everton really seem to have run out of steam. The injury to Cahill was a big blow, he's a quality player (even if that celebration dedicated to his thug brother was outrageous).

Yet another gol for my friend Fernando Torres I see. There was a bloke out in Howth, Italian I think, who was sporting FT circa 2005 hair, all shaved up the sides and long at the back. He also has swirls shaved into the side of his head. It was quite special. What are your thoughs ahead of the Arsenal game? I was very impressed in a "I didn't think they had it in them" kind of way at their comeback against Bolton.

Mal said...

Everton were rubbish yesterday and offered nothing going forward. I agree that they've run out of steam.

Arsenal will be tough. I think that we are more than capable of going through over the two legs, and we have the experience of going all the way, which they lack. I think injuries are taking their toll and Wenger has had to play Diaby left and Eboue right. I woudln't be surprised if we go through but they beat us in the league.