Friday, March 14, 2008

Reading, Arsenal and 100 posts

Another professional win and another 3 points v Reading. Monster Masch got off the mark with a stormer of a strike from outside the D after Matejovsky had opened the scoring for the visitors. It took a free kick from Gerrard and a far post header from El Nino to seal the deal.

I don't think that it was our best performance but we would have lost or drawn this game had it been played when we were in our bad patch in Jan. We stuck to the task in hand after going behind to an early goal. Torres had a 1 v 1 with the keeper and Babel had a couple of dangerous shots. Kuyt was fairly poor and neither of the full backs covered themselves in glory. We should have scored a third to calm the nerves but we didn't and then sat back which let Reading come back into it at the death. Thankfully we held out.

We have a full week off until Sky's big hype Sunday when we play Utd in Old Trafford. I am a bit worried about the game but we're in great from. They struggled a bit against Derby and weren't convincing against Portsmouth or Lyon before that. In El Nino we have the most exciting player in the league at the minute. I think that we're good enough to get a draw but they have a very good home record. The fact that Everton were beaten by Fulham yesterday takes the pressure off somewhat. The derby at the end of the month is still going to be massive though.

The champions league draw was made on Friday morning at 12, or was it? This article suggests that it could have been leaked beforehand. I was a bit suspicious but have a look at this forum. The poster has the draw correct at 10.28. The odds of guessing correctly are 191-1 apparently. Arsenal is a really tough draw. We're going to be playing them three times in the space of a week. We do have the experience of going all the way in the comp which they lack. The fact that they seem to be falling out of form is also promising. Let's hope that it continues until next month.

Dion Fanning in the Irish Indo had a good article on Rafa and rotation at the weekend. The more the facts are getting printed, the better.

This is bad news. I had half suspected that he wouldn't be back this season but it's still a blow to have it confirmed. We've really missed him but hopefully Skrtel can come in and fill the gap for the next few months. What's more important for the player in the long term is that Agger gets this problem sorted once and for all. The news that Kewell is heading off to an Australian training camp is less disturbing.

Here's to 100 more posts.


Thomas Kelly said...

Mal, I've been meaning to ask you about the whole Harry Kewell thing. Now you know I don't like him but... Liverpool are about to play their most crucial fixtures of the season and 'arry is off to some training camp in Oz. Poor form. Surely he'll be out the door in the summer?

Oh incidently, bravo El Nino on scoring 20 league gols. I'm not a fan but that's very impressive.

Mal said...

His contract is up in June so he'll definitely be out the door. Celtic are interested apparently.

20 league goals and counting. Even more impressive when you consider that they're all from open play. Not a peno or free among them. Maybe it's time you reappraised your fandom?

JJ said...

Wasn't there a peno at the end of last season... just after God had been taken off and the crowd called for him to come back. Wasted talent oul Harry, actually started out really brightly. Something amiss in his fat head methinks as the feet still have some magic every now and then.

Mal said...

Kewell's first 6 months were superb but once the injuries set in he went downhill and only performed in fits and starts. Pity but that's football I suppose JJ.