Monday, September 14, 2009

Humble beginnings

A 1-0 win against limited oposition saw our champions league campaign get off to a dull thud, rather than a bang. Debreceni posed very little threat but were happy to sit deep and frustrate in numbers, which is perfectly acceptable for smaller teams away from home. It was up to us to break them down and we didn't succeed to any great degree. We had some decent enough openings but only converted the one with deadly Dirk poked in a shot after the goalie failed to hold a Nando rasper. Rafa will say that the objective is get qualified as qucikly as possible and top the group. We're on our way to achieving that mission. Agger is back in training but unlikely to feature against West Ham in Upton Park this Saturday. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see the same team or Mascherano in for Riera with Gerrard moving forward and Yossi shifting left. Aurelio needs some more minutes before he's ready to start. We should be able to beat this lot but it's not an easy ground to visit. I predict a narrow win.

It sounds like Purslow and Rafa are getting on well. I suppose the boss is glad that the incompetent Parry is gone. Purslow does seem to be efficent in securing the new sponsorship deal. The problem is that the money he's earning will go towards the Yanks debts, which they've loaded onto the club. Hicks reckons that the stadium will be built - once there is credit available in international markets. We'll see about that. In the meantime, they'll continue fucking the club, it's fans and the residents of Anfield around. Cheers Tom.


JJ said...

Some cracking form in the last two weeks - huge six days ahead though against the viola and then at chelsea. Will need carra and skrtel at their very best, hope aurelio gets fit for sunday as well.

Think insua is excellent but aurelio caused chelsea so many problems - beyond just the goal - in the 4-4 game at the end of last season that he'd deserve his spot if he's fit enough to take it.

What would be your starting eleven? Think masch will come in but will rafa keep gerrard as well as two up top with albert and yossi on the wings (yossi switching with kuyt at times), or will he go with one up front and slot lucas in behind gerrard.

Mal said...

It could be Lucas and Masch for the away from home solidity, coupled with the fact that Chelsea will have numbers in midfield. I'm worried that Drogba will trouble our shaky defence. He's the one player in the league that I really fear.