Friday, May 25, 2007

Carlitos considers

Possibly great news from Javier. Now is the time for Hicks and Gillett to put their money where their mouths are and buy Tevez. He would be awesome for us. Anyone who's seen him play for West Ham this year can see that he's a star in the making.
The news that Xabi is going nowhere is a much needed boost after the low of Wed night. Does this mean that Momo is likely to be sold to Juve or Barca? We are really strong in midfield with Lucas coming in. If Rafa is to sell someone I assume it'll be Momo.
The BBC thinks that Rafa has been offered cash for Owen. I'd be quite surprised if it happened given his injury history and wages.


pdp_risingson said...

i just hope tevez doesn't go to Chelsea. i don't see where he would play...

its crazy that chelsea are offering 80 mill, they are inflating the market. i hope tevez sees beyond the money. i'd much rather see him at liverpool if he stays in england. he seems to respond most to the fans, so in that sense, i think tevez would be a perfect match

sorry about the loss btw, liverpool played a great game despite the score.



JJ said...

Alright boss, likin that Tevez rumour. I've been leading that bandwagon over on the Okeydokefootball podcasts for a while now and I'm glad Javier has jumped on.

A few days on from the malaise that was wednesday night (and the pain that was thursday morning) I'm getting optimistic about next season. I still don't feel Alves is worth the money they might pay for him though so I hope his rumoured move to Madird happens instead. Left winger needed, not more on the right.

Tevez would be a huge capture and I'd have far more confidence in him than other rumoured targets like Villa or Trezeguet.

I think we can expect quick signings and frankly, while I think Rafa is defelcting attention from some of his odd decisions on wednesday, he's right that they need to move fast.

Mal said...

I really like Dani ALves but I agree with you that we are ok for options on the right. It's the left wing that needs attention at the minute.
Tevez would be amazing. I don't know how likely he is to come to us but it sounds like he's definitely leaving West Ham. I would imagine that it'll be a battle between us, Madrid and maybe Chelsea for his signature.