Monday, May 28, 2007

It's all kicking off

The boardroom situation is reaching boiling point. By all accounts, Rafa has had enough of Rick Parry and his incompitence and indecisiveness. It now looks like he wants someone else to come in and do Parrys job with more authority to make quick decisions and sign off on players. Foster Gillett seems to be the man that will take the job but he is having work permit issues at the moment. Where this leaves Parry, I don't know. Rafa is on holidays this week and seems to think that it should be sorted out to some degree by the time he gets back. I hope he's right. He has said that we need to spend money now or else we'll only ever be contenders for third/fourth spot in the league. It seems that he has two deals lined up now that need signing off on to go through. These are rumoured to be Simao and Gabriel Milito. We've seen when Rafa was at Valencia that he walked when he didn't recieve the backing he needed. I fear that it might be the same situation here if he doesn't get what he wants. That would be an absolute disaster for the club.

In trasnfer news there's been a few bits and pieces. Bellamy wants his future sorted. I don't blame him but I do think he'll leave to go to one of Villa, Blackburn or West Ham. Marseille want to do a permenent deal on Cisse. I hope that we get a decent price for him. Momo isn't happy with his current status. As I've said before, I can see him being sold for the cash. Samuel Eto'o made some very positive comments about us over the weekend. If he does move, I can see us getting involved but I would imagine that he's more likely to stay at Barca and he'd be very expensive anyway. Florent Malouda seems to be an option for the left wing. Finally, we've signed two Hungarian kids, called Krisztian Nemeth and Andras Simon from MTK Hungaria. Nemeth is highly rated and played well in teh uefa u-17 competition last year.


Ken McGuire said...

I don't think we'll see Rafa walk but I'd agree with changes needing to be made and eyes needing to be opened in the upper echelon at Anfield. I won't fault Parry over much but now is the time to be acting and having the board put some more faith into Benitez and his decisions for the team, the new owners have that part on the ball.

Transfer-wise I'd say Sissoko won't be long in leaving, he's found himself in a bit predicament selection-wise and with the new Brazilian on the way and the possibile addition of Malouda / Simao or another powerful midfielder he's bound to slide down the pecking order even further.

Mal said...

I would fault Parry over the ticket office which has been a joke for years and the commercial/merchandising side of things which leaves a lot to be desired.